Friday, August 27, 2010

been working on...

stamps! I make rubber stamps as a small home business and just started it up again after a bit of a break.  

My store.  
And stamp blog

If you don't normally stamp, these are a little different than your traditional stamps. They're rubber, but instead of being mounted on wooden blocks, they're mounted on a special static-cling foam. So they cling to a clear acrylic block while you stamp, then you peel them off to store them on a panel when you're done. It's really neat, because they take up less space but you don't give up the clear, crisp image that you get from stamping with rubber. 

So that's cling-mount stamps in a nutshell. You should give them a try, they're fun. Of course, I'm biased. ;)


  1. came across your blog from someone else's blog!

    it was nice meeting you last weekend. susan always speaks fondly of you.


  2. Tammy! I sure miss you! I think I had a different blog bookmarked for you, but now I have them both! I need to learn about that tumblr business...
    Happy New Year!