Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day emergency, high school edition

My sister kinda sorta likes a guy, chickened out on making him a Valentine, then got to school and realized oh my gosh what if he got me something and I don't have anything for him!! She texted me and I was on it. (See? Cell phones at school can be a good thing.) This is being delivered to her during lunch just in case. 

Card base is watercolor paper cut with Stampin' Up!'s Top Note die and a Sizzix Big Shot. Doily, ribbon, and heart glitter are craft supply. Used Zip Dry paper glue for the glitter as it doesn't wrinkle paper. Letters are by American Crafts


  1. dear tammy,
    i can see that you have been living the classy lifestyle and i therefore have a proposition for you. how do you feel about a straight up trade, and by this i mean you for susan. the requirements are this, you would have to reside in provo. unless of course you're willing to adopt me as either your little sister or child.
    love, jackie.
    classy as always.

  2. Jackie! Classiest of ladies! Please come up to Idaho and I will happily adopt you and perhaps even pay you to nanny my sweet + crazy + lovely little children. I'll make you PBJ every day for lunch and we'll watch Law + Order reruns in the evenings. All while wearing pearls... because we're classy.